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What do you feel when you hear "Furoshiki". People feel "Furoshiki" is old and nothing they can find how to use.
However "Furoshiki" is one of the Japanese traditional culture.

By using such traditional one piece of cloth, inputting magic which is sense and idea, we are able to change a lot of things!
The other time interior(remodelling)

Of course, gift wrapping is available which is the essence of "Furoshiki".
It is only one piece, however we can use it for a lot of way.

This means....
By using "Furoshiki", we are able to contribute to "ECO"

Do you know "3R"?
  • Reuse: Able to use it repetition
    Furoshiki can use for a lot of way, of course any number of time!!
  • Reduce: reducing garbage.
    By using "Furoshiki", we are able to reduce the cash-register bag, no garbage!
  • Recycl:Able to recycling
    We are able to create "Furoshiki" from PET bottle's recycling fiber.
Recently, we are able to find "Furoshiki" which is made from corn or biodegradation cloth.
By using "Furoshiki" in our daily life, we are able to contribute to envirmental activity.
And "Furoshiki" itself" means!
Color, design includes Japanese deep traditional culture and we are able to find Japanese people's chic feeling.

Furoshiki course information
ecolor life Furoshiki course can enjoy from child to elderly people.
Our purpose of this course is that everyone impresses by packing and tying, then everyone is able to enjoy tying their heart.

If you have some questions and suggstions, please feel free to contact us.
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